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Bodegas Patrocinio winery is the driving force behind Uruñuela, a town of 967 residents uniquely positioned in the heart of the Rioja Alta. We started out as 200 grape growers with small vineyards in Uruñuela, who in 1985 decided to join forces to produce and market our own wines. This marked the birth of our exemplary cooperative, Bodegas Patrocinio.

What does it mean to be a cooperative?

At Bodegas Patrocinio, as a cooperative, we have a huge responsibility to our families, our town, La Rioja, and Spanish wine in general.
We take our inspiration from winery cooperatives the world over, which contribute to the growth of the wine sector through research, development projects and collaboration with their business partners.
Cooperatives produce one out of every four bottles of wine in Europe and, thanks to this productive and commercial capacity, they have a significant impact on the vitivinicultural industry:

  • They adapt and evolve with wine markets.
  • They invest in innovation and research.
  • They help to shape European policies and regulations relating to wine.
  • They play a decisive role in establishing grape prices.
  • They are stable and highly professional companies.

Cooperativism is a life philosophy and has been crucial for the survival of many small-scale grape growers, boosting rural economies where vineyards might have otherwise become increasingly sparse, or even disappeared altogether. In a cooperative, the incentive of individual interest is replaced by collective effort and compensation. This is our ethos.


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