Maria Martinez & the 2018 Harvest

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Maria Martinez, Winemaker Director of Bodegas Patrocinio shares her hands-on experience on this year’s Harvest in an insightful interview where she reflects on The 2018 Vintage – which offers the comforting plenty and quality all agriculturalists seek.

“The year was rife with complications due to vines affected by aggressive frost back in 2017. Therefore, our team strived to monitor vineyard development throughout the year. On the one hand, Spring provided bountiful rainfall and different plagues loomed over our vineyard, so grapegrowers kept a close eye on the vines in order to mitigate the negative impact of grapevine disease. On the other hand, a mild and benign Summer contributed to the great produce of 2018 in the end”

An outline of the topics discussed by Maria is as follows:

  • How is the right grape for each wine picked?
  • What phase of development is each 2018 Vintage wine in?
  • At the Cellar: the use of the mustmetre, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.
  • The tasting: youthful and unoaked white, rosé and red
  • Red wine: hints, maceration and intense colour hues

“We look forward to your tasting our 2018 vintage soon…”version_spanish


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