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Uruñuela is a town with 967 residents, situated in the Rioja Alta. Viticulture is our economic activity par excellence, and for this reason Bodegas Patrocinio is a symbol of which we are very proud.


The town is referred to as Eruñuela, Oriñuela, Oroñuela and Uruñuela in different documents. It was founded in the 10th century by the King of Navarre, García Sánchez III “of Nájera”, with the objective of repopulating the La Rioja region following the Muslim invasion. Uruñuela is first mentioned in a document dating back to 1052, now kept in the General Archive of Simancas, which refers to the destroyed church of San Sebastián as an annex to Santa María la Real Monastery in Nájera: “herditatem San Sebastián de Eruñuela”.
It was included as part of the estate Pedro Fernández II de Velasco and Beatriz Manrique left to their descendants, according to a deed dated 14 April 1458.
We know that in 1518 it was still in the hands of the Manrique family, since there were ongoing disputes between Luis Manrique and his brother over the land surrounding Uruñuela and Alesanco.
Carlos I granted Uruñuela “Villa” status (an administrative and jurisdictional division) due to the support the town gave to Antonio Manrique de Lara, the second Duke of Nájera, in seizing the castle of Malpica from Nájera after it was taken by the peasants.


Agriculture is now the main source of income for the town, but it was not always the thriving industry it is today. In 1951, after a hailstorm that destroyed most of the harvest, 120 people migrated to other Spanish regions, such as the Basque Country, where today most residents of the region are in some way related to these migrants. However, it was not until 1957, when the irrigation channel was opened on the right bank of the Najerilla, that agriculture really took off in Uruñuela – which established the area among those with the highest incomes per capita in the region.
Farming and industry are also important in the town, where there are number of poultry and pig farms. Many construction businesses are based in the town too, specifically, metallurgy, ploughing and cement companies.



On 1 January 2010, the town’s population amounted to 941 residents: 480 men and 461 women.

País España
Com. autónoma La Rioja
Provincia La Rioja
Comarca Nájera
Ubicación 42°26′32″N 2°42′26″O
Altitud 499 msnm
Distancias 23 km a Logroño
63,6 km a Vitoria
Superficie 13,9 km²
Fundación siglo X
Población 967 hab. (2012)
Densidad 69,57 hab./km²
Gentilicio cigüeñero, ra
Código postal 26313
Alcalde (2012) Luis Fernando Leza (PP)
Patrón San Ignacio de Antioquía
Patrona Virgen del Patrocinio
Sitio web http://www.urunuela.org/

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